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EHL Academy

The EHL Group is committed to ensuring its staff receive the best possible training to perform their roles to the highest standard. The EHL Group Academy has been created to administer training across the EHL Group of companies. The Academy will not only recognise the training needs within the EHL Group but will provide the training where it is needed. The Academy is run by the Operations team in Head Office.

Training Plans

A training plan will be developed for each member of staff as part of their personal development plan and each training plan will be bespoke to each individual member of staff. Our training plans are developed to ensure that you achieve the goals you set with our support, and they will help you to work towards promotions in your line of expertise.

Soft Skills

Alongside specific training programmes such as training to be a legal secretary and management training, the academy will also concentrate on soft skills such as communication, time management, networking and computer training.The training itself will be provided through the Academy or through local external courses.

Your Pace

The training programmes are designed to be undertaken at an individual’s own pace to ensure they are workable and flexible. The programmes will be made available on request, or will be recommended to you by your manager or by HR, Training, or Compliance department.