Moving House – You and whose Army?

Although it’s perfectly possible to move house single-handedly, many of us call in friends and family to help us at the very least, particularly if we know somebody with an unusually large car boot.

But there are plenty more people you might want to get involved to help your move go as smoothly as possible, and we’re not just talking about professional removal men.

Cleaners can help make your new home feel shiny and new if it was previously occupied, or get rid of any remaining brick and plaster dust if it’s a new-build or newly refurbished.

They can also whip your old home into shape if you want it looking at its best to place it on the market, or if you’re just embarrassed about the state you’re leaving it in for its new owners.

Gardeners can do the same for your outdoor space, getting wild shrubbery back under control, taming an unkempt lawn, and maximising the kerb appeal of your property if it’s just going up for sale.

Call in a handyman if you need help finishing off any outstanding DIY tasks – when selling a house, even just putting up that missing shelf can help to reduce the number of reasons for viewers to say no.

When you’re moving into a new place meanwhile, a good local handyman is worth getting on the good side of, so get recommendations from the neighbours and find an excuse to have him come round and hang a mirror, install a new TV aerial, or anything else that gives you a chance to introduce yourself.

Finally, if you’re downsizing, consider calling in a property clearance firm to dispose of whatever you leave behind.

This can be much less heart-rending than having to take much-loved possessions to the tip, and you might even make a profit from the sale of your items, while knowing they’re in with a chance of going on to a good home for the future too.

Moving house is stressful, whether you’re buying, selling or both, and you can’t always be 100% certain that there won’t be any little jobs that need doing in your new place.

Get a good support network in place, and you can know that when you do spot that slight imperfection in your new home, or just can’t handle the emotion of having to clean out your old place, you’ve got a professional you can fall back on.

By Pricketts Solicitors